How we organized the execution of an engineering team goal

Goals are important. Not just for the individual, but also for the team, the department and the entire organization. On my team, we’ve been setting ourselves quarterly goals. As a part of that process, we’ve been setting core goals as well as stretch goals to ensure that the team’s effort is focused and remains on track. At the end of a quarter, we hold retrospectives to assess our performance as a team and check-in to what extent we’ve met the goals we set for ourselves.

More often than not, our goals are business oriented – we aim to take on projects and undertakings that are central to the product and also aim to bring in a large benefit to a broad set of our users. While some of the goals correspond to large feature releases and the creation of new workflows, other goals revolve around improvements to the core infrastructure of our product as well as goals that enable us as a team to get better.

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