Using Asana to set and track personal goals

Outside of work, I’ve always wanted to set and attain personal goals. I never wrote them down, but I always had them at the back of my mind. And with that, it was very hard to get to them as I always ended up procrastinating. A few months ago, I read Ryan Allis’ advice in your 20s and decided that I should do something about it. Writing your goals down is powerful and the act of writing down itself has shown to increase the probability of goals being achieved by orders of magnitude.

In a 1979 Harvard MBA study, participants were asked whether they had written down their goals. 10 years later the 3% of the students who had written down their goals were earning 10 times as much as the other 97% of the class combined.

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My first Toastmasters experience

I’ve never been a great public speaker and it has always bothered me. In the limited times I’ve had an opportunity to talk to an audience in the past, I have felt very nervous and only extensive preparation has given me the ability to actually finish the talk. Even in those cases, I have mostly presented to an audience in a professional context and an audience that I am very familiar with. Nevertheless, I remain in awe of public speakers who can deliver powerful speeches with seemingly limited preparation.

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A trip to a tropical paradise

During a casual conversation with AT in September, I got the idea of going on a winter trip with him. I was already thinking of going somewhere in the winter and figured it would be good to rope in a travel partner. After considering Spain and Argentina, we finally settled on a 10 day trip to a tropical vacation in Puerto Rico. As I have been doing in some of my recent trips, I logged a travel journal on each day and some of the highlights from my journal are recorded here.

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